My first experiment as a blogger

This is the post excerpt.


So finally I m a blogger now…..I don’t even know  what is blog 2 days ago….but my desire to know how to become a professional traveller bring me in the world of blog…I know nothing about blogging right now…but I believe in myself that one day I will live my dream as a professional traveller and travel blogger……my only dream of life- travel travel travel and travel travel travel


How reading self help book change my life

how my whole point of view about money ,success , relationships change .how I went shy to confident guy

Hello guys.. I hope you guys are doing absolutely fine. It is fact that most of the successful peoples are reader .billionaire like bill gates , warren buffet admit that they spent most of their time reading books. After watching so many motivation video on YouTube I got a valuable lesson that you must read to taste success and I started reading. today, thrust me guys that pays off. I am more mature and calm now . “Rich dad poor dad” was the first book I read and it was so interesting and knowledgeable that I must say to you “if you didn’t read this book yet ,you are missing something big “. This book says that – college degree is useless and you should never work for money, you have to work to learn . Because when you are working for money you are slaved .but when you focus on learning you get more knowledge and will be able to provide better value ,which will help you to earn more money .



If you want to be rich or want successful life , this book ” RICH DAD POOR DAD ” IS must and I mean it. Now I don’t want to give book summary to you guys . But I think its the most powerful book i can recommend to you guys that guarantee success, as it helps me a lot to see the things differently, that most people is unconscious.

Now lets talk about other changes in my life . My relationship with people and friends completely change . I was a very shy guy and rarely talk to anyone . But today I am socially more comfortable and open to talk to anyone. This is the secret that most people dont know . I have learned that ,you should mostly talk about other peoples not about you. Most of us talk about only me me me me ,but the sad truth is people don’t care about you , they only care about them ,like you only care about yourself. If you become genuinely interested in other people you will make more friends in 3 months than you make in 3 years by trying to impress them ,telling how cool you are. You have to listen to them ,people like who listen to them . If you want to learn about winning friends then you should definitely read this book ” HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE ” one of my favorite book that helps me and millions of people a lot ,who read this book.

Other books that changed my whole point of view about life ,money and success are – how to talk to anyone, attitude is everything , the alchemists , zero to one , richest men in babylon , see you at the top ,how to stop worrying and start living , awaken the giant within you, etc.

Reading book is the secret to success , when you read book everyday ,you are putting positivity in your mind everyday and your subconscious mind will believe it and you will take action through what your mind is telling you to do. So my only request to you my friend is start reading book if you want success. your best life is waiting 4 u.

Why I always feel like college sucks

things that school teach us and is useless in our life

Hello guys welcome to my world . I know you guys don’t know me ,but I want to thank you guys so much for your valuable time on listening my opinion. The reason why I don’t like college anymore is simple and that is

I don’t want job because I want to feel like free bird and have strong desire to travel the world .I know when I get job I will be slaved for someone else and I don’t want to live my life taking someone permission all the time and not ability to do what I truly want ,travel and doing freelance working. Its hard to do things you are passionate about when you have boss and you will be slaved for someone without even realizing .when you get old ,you think of past , realise you have done nothing what you want with life.now you have no energy left and can do nothing about it, just feel sorry for what you have done with life.

That’s how I feel about college degree. They teach things that are useless or nothing to do with our life like remembering date, facts etc. They teach us how to work for someone and compete with each other for job . And then they lose all their freedom after taking job. And when they don’t get job they don’t know what to do in life. They now have no idea how to survive in this world.because college system fully depend on degree to get job.

I m not telling you ,not to take job or not go to college, but I m just trying to share the facts with my own opinion through this words. Thankyou guys.

Things rich people know poor don’t

Recently I read a book called rich dad poor dad, and thrust me it changed my whole outlook on job money and life. This one message says it itself


Yes my friends,note this , life’s biggest trap that most people don’t realize is




people get the job because of the fear of not having money. They do everything to get that job and money and lose their freedom to someone. They become slave of someone’s dream, they forget their dream and remain in this trap till the end of their life.

Secondly , when they get paycheck , they feel comfortable earning that small amount and greed plays important role in this matter.they go back every single day to work for someone to get that paycheck.now they are fully trapped in life , they afraid to lose their job ,money and become slave to someone else for lifetime.most people don’t even realize this trap.they wonder what went wrong with them and that lead them unhappy lifetime.

So guys if you want to be rich avoid this trap and find a way which leads you happy life and and allow you to live your dream.

Guys make sure you read this book” rich dad poor dad” .its the basic and most essential book to lead you to rich.


Hey guys , want to visit deoghar ,jharkhand …here I m to help you what to do , where to stay ,where to visit,a complete guide on deoghar ..I m going to share my 3 days trip experience with my two friends in deoghar, please read the blog till the end to get complete details about DEOGHAR

DAY 1 – it was 3 October ,2017 and time was 8 AM ,we reached to the deoghar and get a auto riskaw to reach Satsangh Ashram,which is the place of shri shri anukul chandra thakur.we were very tired that day after spending time on train and busses for 8 hours from our home town ASSAM. we had no plan to visit the ashram feeling tired and ugly ,so we decided to visit the ashram at afternoon.after reaching there we started to search for our accommodation ,as it was the time of satsangh festival ,there was lot of pendals(a place for free stay for disciples or followers) in near satsangh ashram. After searching for right pendal we get a bathroom attached room to stay for free as a followers of shri shri Anukul Chandra Thakur..

Our free room in deoghar,satsangh ashram pendal

We took bath and take some rest there .at 3 pm ,we visited to the satsangh ashram and spent some quality time there,there was so many people there and we visited to the thakur garden inside the ashram.we were so excitedand took so many pictures there .

Some pictures of satsangh ashram

At 5 pm ,we,the disciples of thakur joined together in a place and sang our evening prayer.after prayer we come outside the Ashram and ate some street food and explore here and there for a little bit in satsangh nagar.

At 8 p.m .we went to ANANDA BAZAR (a place ,where the whole disciples of shri shri thakur eat together for free)to have our dinner for free and after having dinner we came back to our room ..this is how we spent our day 1 πŸ˜‰.

Ananda bazar


DAY 2 – 4 october,2017 ,this is the day when we spent our best day of our deoghar trip.we visited ashram very early and after having prayer,we came to the room. Then we got ready to visit new exciting places.we took an auto rishkaw in rent for 1000 rupees for full day tour.at 8 am we reached to NAULAKA TEMPLE ,a temple built in 18 century.



After spending 20 minutes There ,we visited the most exciting temple BADHYANATH DHAM .we were welcomed by a Mandir pujari there and he took us inside the temple.he offered us for 30 rupees ganga jal and flowers for the lord ,but we refused to take his offer because there was so many peoples in the lineπŸ˜₯.we spent there 30 minutes and had our launch there.

After badyanath dham our next destination was to visit beautiful NANDAN PAHAR ,which was 10 k.m. away from the temple.it was so awesome weather while we reached the beautiful NANDAN PAHAR , it was like the god welcome us on his kingdom.after chilling and enjoying some magnificent view there ,we boating there for 30 minutes for 50 rupees per person.and it was the last destination of the day


DAY 3- WE spent our full day of day 3 on the satsangh ashram again .we didnot plan for destination travel that day. we met the family of shri shri anukukul chandra and took blessed from them.at 1 pm we came back to our room and took some rest .at 5 pm we decided to tour the deoghar city and went for shopping to the biggest mall of the city .

Sadly, we didn’t visit to the most famous tourist place trikut parvat,where you can experience cable car or ropeway and can enjoy magnificent view from the top of the hill,you can also hike there from the ropeway station to the top of the hill.we went there 2 years ago during our first deoghar trip ..
heres the photo of trikut pahar 2 years ago,2015.

So it was our last day on deoghar and the end of our deoghar trip.this 3 days trip to deoghar was something I never wanted to forget in my life and one of my best experience in my lifeπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜.

places to must visit while in deoghar,recommendation

—trikuta parvat,naulaka temple ,satsangh ashram ,nandan pahar ,badyanath dam.

Trying to be a blogger

”Bloggers are those who write with

True heart”

I really dont know what I am trying to do.in travel world I am totally new.I don’t have a single trip experience ,but I am feeling like I have little knowledge about blogging.

Yeah its true ,you don’t have to travel the world to blog.you just need a a small writing skill .write whatever you want ,but make sure you are writing by heart .by being honest ,you really can explain to others what exactly you want them to understand.

Write everything what you love ,your passion ,your hobby, what you really like to eat ,everything comes to your mind .I dont have a photography skill,but I want to share some photos clicked by me of my shillong trip with you my friends

My worst holiday ever

”Without travelling

Life is nothing”

Travelling is what many people passionate about .the desire to travel comes from very young age and till we death the desire never become less .we love to imagine ourselves at nature home and picturous world..

              But we don’t  feel good enough only by imagining .we want to make it real and want to be at the place where we are imaginning. I m facing same problem,my recent summer vacation is my worst holiday ever,I think. I don’t even went any place.I m spending my time at home ,sleeping ,eating ,watching tv,using smartphone all the time and repeat again.every moment I am feeling like I m the most idiot person in the world and I know nothing about this world. I m asking myself when will my holiday come to end,because its better to spend in classroom and hostel joking,chilling with friends rather than lying in bed all the time..

             never ever in my life I wish I never will face this situation again.

“My dream of being a bagpacker”

Living a life of backpacking is not for all.this is not for those who love use luxurious things .i m just 16 right now but my desire to travel reached to the sky . I have searched on internet and collect all details about world and how to live a life of backpacker .”i m inspired by gabriel traveller who was just 18 at 1990 when he started his first trip on europe and still travelling.” I want to know more about different placed and want to experience the world as long as i can .meeting new people and looking new cultures is what i m passionate about.you can enjoy your life by Travelling around the world rather than sitting around the chair in office and daily boring job life..

Trekking on himalaya ,bathing in waterfall, and observing nature is what the life all about. So i will never let my dream die and will start a life of traveller as soon as i can